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2012 Events

Events and activities from 2012.

  • JIFRESSE Researchers Hui Su, Longtao Wu, Robert Fovell, Brian Kahn and others were featured on an ABC News program for the study they published on the relationship between relative humidity and changes in hurricane intensity. (Press Release - News Feature)

  • JIFRESSE celebrated its expansion and new space with an Open House on November 20, 2012. Approximately 40 UCLA faculty and JPL scientists attended a morning session, which included remarks by Director Liou, Dean of Physical Sciences Joseph Rudnick, UCLA Acting Chancellor Emeritus Norman Abrams, Distinguished Professor of Physics Roberto Peccei, and on the JPL side, Chief Scientist Dan McCleese, Deputy Director for Research Randy Friedl, and Chief Scientist of the Earth Science and Technology Directorate Duane Waliser. Anthony Freeman, Manager of JPL’s Earth System Science Formulation Office, gave a talk entitled “Earth Observations at JPL: Opportunities for Collaboration,” followed by a discussion and a luncheon, which was attended by an additional 60 JIFRESSE researchers and affiliated staff. (PDF of ProgramSelected Photos)

  • An article by JIFRESSE-supported researchers entitled "Building Model Evaluation and Decision Support Capacity for CORDEX" was recently featured in the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) Bulletin in a special issue devoted to developing a "Global Framework for Climate Services." (PDF)

  • Professor Robert Fovell, a member of the JIFRESSE executive committee and chair of the merit increase committee, has been elected fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

  • Drs. Thomas Painter and McKenzie Skiles published papers on the effect of dust on Colorado River flow in the recent issue of Water Resources Research journal, one of which was highlighted in the editor's note. Both articles are available here.

  • Director Kuo-Nan Liou accepted the Quadrennial Gold Medal for "contributions of lasting significance to the field of radiation research" from the International Radiation Commission (IRC) during the IRC Symposium Banquet held in the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany on August 8, 2012. Director Liou also presented a 45-minute lecture entitled "Radiative Transfer and Regional Climate Change" at the Symposium on the morning of August 9, 2012. (PDF of Slides - IRS Photo Album)

  • Dr. Alex Hall, a member of JIFRESSE's Steering Committee and Assistant Director, has been promoted to Professor, effective July 1, 2012. Dr. Qinbin Li, also a Steering Committee Member and Assistant Director of the Center for Research on the Tibetan Plateau and Global Change (within the purview of the Master Affiliation Agreement between UCLA and Peking University), has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective July 1, 2012.

  • Director Liou gave a presentation, "Parameterization for Atmospheric Radiation: Some New Perspectives," at an international hydrology symposium on May 14 & 15, 2012. The symposium, entitled "Hydrologic Discovery Through Physical Analysis - Honoring the Scientific Legacies of Wilfried H. Brutsaert and Jean-Yves Parlange," was held at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. (Video of Presentation) (PDF of Slides)

  • Director Liou visited Goddard Space Flight Center on May 3, 2012 and participated in collaborative meetings with a number of scientists in the Climate and Radiation Branch of the Laboratory of the Atmosphere and presented a seminar entitled "Light-Absorbing Aerosols and Snow-Albedo Feedback in Regional Climate Change."

  • JIFRESSE moved to new administrative and research space at 607 Charles E Young Dr. on April 23, 2012. It now occupies the former Chemistry library at 4242 Young Hall on the East side of the UCLA Court of Sciences.

  • A JPL-UCLA Engineering Collaboration Initiative Meeting was held on April 2, 2012 at UCLA, organized by the Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering. There are several areas of complementary research interest and the organizers’ goals were to: promote information sharing, dialogue and discussion among engineers at both organizations; engage in innovative and next generation technology endeavors funded by grants, contracts or sub-contracts; examine opportunities for engineers interested in pursuing research and development in the earth, space, or other scientific areas; and, develop collaborative approaches that are non-duplicative and cost-effective.

    Twenty-six 4-minute, 2-slide presentations on a variety of topics were made by JPL and UCLA engineers (PDF slides attached). General technical categories covered by the presenters included: 



    Radar/Lidar/Sub-mm & Far IR/Radiometry/Microwave & Radar & mm waves Alina Moussessian, James Hoffman, Scott Hensley, Gary Spiers, Brian Drouin,  Pekka Kangaslahti, Paul Stek (JPL) and Tutsuo Itoh, Ethan Wang (UCLA)
    Micro Devices/GPS/ Nanoscale Technology/Semi-Conductor/ Nano-Structure Jason Hyon (JPL), Rob Candler, Ya-Hong Xie (UCLA)
    Imaging Spectrometry/Laser Technology & Non-Linear Optics/Applied Optics & Radiative Transfer Zakos Mouroilis (JPL), Jia-Ming Liu, Warren Grundfest, Laurent Pilon, Hal Monbouquette (UCLA)
    Antennas/Communication Yahya Rahmat-Samii (UCLA)
    Data Management Paul Von Allmen (JPL), Amy Braverman (JPL/UCLA), Igor Yanovsky (JPL/UCLA)
    NASA Airborne Program Bill Mateer (JPL)
    Tera-Hertz Technology Frank Chang/Jenny Liu (UCLA)
    Hydrology/Water Resources Steven Margulis (UCLA)
    Power Generation A.V. Balakrishnan (UCLA)
    Technology Transfer Dwight Streit (UCLA)

    Presenters described their projects, technological needs that might be fulfilled through collaboration, and potential internal investment opportunities.  Several projects offer opportunities to collaborate on the development of next-generation technologies. Agenda JPL Presentations (PDF) - UCLA Presentations (PDF)

  • Under the Master Affiliation Agreement (MAA) between Peking University and the Regents of the University of California, the Center for Research on the Tibetan Plateau and Global Change was established between JIFRESSE and the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Peking University in March 2012.

  • The 6th U.S.-China scientific cooperation workshop on "Surface-Troposphere-Stratosphere Interaction (STSI) over the Tibetan Plateau and its Impacts on Global and Regional Climate Change," co-sponsored by UTA and JIFRESSE, was successfully held at the University of Texas at Austin (UTA) on February 20-21, 2012. The objective of this workshop was to identify areas of science collaboration between Chinese and American scientists, especially related to the upcoming Third Tibetan Plateau Atmospheric Scientific Experiment (TIPEX III). Meeting Summary - Agenda - Images

  • JIFRESSE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UCLA and Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. It was signed by Dr. Joseph Rudnick, Dean of the Division of Physical Sciences at UCLA, and Dr. Joong Gill Choi, Dean of the College of Science at Yonsei University. The objectives, scope, and major activities are as follows:
    • Visits and informal exchanges of faculty, scholars and administrators in specific areas of education, research and outreach.
    • Organization of joint conferences, symposia, or other scientific meetings on subjects of mutual interest.
    • Exchanges of academic information and materials.
    • Pursuance of avenues for graduate student exchange during the academic year or summer terms.
    • Exploration of the possibilities for developing joint research programs and collaborations.
    • Science collaborations on projects of mutual interest involving satellite remote sensing, environmental and climate modeling, instrument development and application.

  • Professor Yi Chao has left the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and joined Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc. He remains an Adjunct Professor at UCLA and a Visiting JIFRESSE Researcher.