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2015 Events

Events and activities from 2015.

  • Hui Su was newly appointed as JIFRESSE Assistant Director as of January 2015. Dr. Su is a research scientist in the Earth Science Section of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). As an Assistant Director, Dr. Su’s role will be to initiate and pursue joint grant proposals between UCLA faculty and JPL scientists; organize seminars, workshops, and other types of educational activities of interest to UCLA and JPL within the purview of regional climate and environmental change;  serve as a member of JIFRESSE’s Merit Increase Committee; and to assist Director and Associate Director in developing academic and research matters of importance to both UCLA and JPL.

  • Approximately 30 attendees participated in a  UCLA/JPL Water Workshop hosted by Dennis Lettenmaier and Kuo-Nan Liou that was held on Monday, February 2nd.

  • On Tuesday, February 24th, Paul Palmer presented a special seminar entitled, “The carbon cycle observed from ground and space.” 
    Abstract: Reliable geographical distributions of CO2 and CH4 fluxes remain elusive despite substantial efforts to measure fluxes and atmospheric mole fractions. With the launch of the Japanese GOSAT instrument in 2009 and the NASA OCO-2 mission in 2014, space-borne observations of these gases are the newest innovation to understand the carbon cycle. These satellites provide much needed new data over remote ecosystems but they bring their own challenges. Dr. Paul Palmer will discuss our new results from both independent and integrated analyses of ground-based and space-based measurements of CO2 and CH4.

  • JIFRESSE Seminar presented by Dr. Xianan Jiang on Tuesday, June 2nd entitled, "Exploring key physics in modeling large-scale tropical deep convection."

  • Veronica Nieves’ research studies on global temperature rise was featured on UCLA news.

  • JIFRESSE Seminar presented by Liping Yan on Friday, August 14th entitled, "Los Angeles water resource management and strategies to deal with California regional climate change."

  • Senior Researcher Dr. Tangdong Qu officially joins JIFRESSE as of November 2015. Dr. Qu contributed his research efforts as a scholar, scientist, and researcher, collaborating with many individuals on a global level, at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Tokyo, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, and University of Hawaii. Dr. Qu has been a Senior Researcher at the International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii, since 2009.Dr. Qu’s research expertise lies in the field of physical oceanography with applications to climate research and environmental science. Dr. Qu is particularly interested in the diagnostic analyses of ocean climate processes. Dr. Qu has conducted extensive research and played an important role in the understanding of the low-latitude western boundary current and its interaction with marginal sea circulation in the western Pacific.  His pioneer work of the South China Sea throughflow has opened a new area of research on the ocean’s role in the global climate system.  His research efforts have also contributed in developing useful knowledge towards the understanding of climate variability in the Asia-Pacific sectors. Such contributions include: confirming a 30-year-old hypothesis on the origin of the Equatorial 13°C Water in the Pacific; revealing a decadal variability in the subtropical mode water formation; introducing a sea surface salinity index of El Niño; and, demonstrating strong connections of subtropical salinity with both equatorial and subpolar oceans. He would like to contribute to UCLA by collaborating with other faculties and researchers and work towards building an active interdisciplinary research program in climate variability and environmental change.