Funded JPL-Supported

UCLA PI JPL PI Title Amount Project Period
R. Fovell E. Fetzer Satellite and in SITU observations over the southeast pacific ocean $550,791 08/20/2009-06/30/2018
B. Guan D. Waliser Atmospheric Rivers: Water Extremes that Impact Global Climate, Regional Weather and Water Resources $136,774 04/14/2015-09/30/2018
B. Guan D. Waliser Subseasonal Prediction of Atmospheric Rivers and the Madden-Julian Oscillation for Water Management in California DWR $64,200 12/11/2016-12/31/2017
B. Guan D. Waliser Atmospheric River Model Uncertainty Analysis $31,467 07/01/2017- 09/30/2017
J. Kim D. Waliser Enabling Regional Climate Model Evaluation:  A Critical Use of Observations for Establishing Core NCA Capabilities $573,220 11/11/2011-09/30/2018
J. Kim C. Mattmann SciSpark: Highly Interactive and Scalable Model Evaluation and Climate Metrics for Scientific Data and Analysis $140,000 06/22/2015-06/21/2017
L. Kuai R. Duren HyTES quatitative methane retrievals for California $45,005 09/21/2016-09/30/2018
L. Kuai C. Miller CARVE Carbonyl Sulfide & Primary Productivity Analysis $27,651 11/01/2017- 03/31/2018
T. Kubar S. Lee Climate Model Diagnostic Analyzer $57,760 07/02/2015-09/30/2017
T. Kubar  J. Jiang Using Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer, Terra MODIS, and Auxillary Precipitation Data to Characterize Deep Convective Syu\stems Versus Sea-Surface Temperature  $50,000 10/01/2017- 09/30/2018
T. Kubar C. Ao Vertical Profiling of the Planetary Boundary Layer with Current and Future GNSS Radio Occultation Measurements  $44,579

10/06/2017- 09/30/2018

K.N. Liou B. Lambrigtsen Atmospheric Sounder Science Support $482,944 11/13/2014-12/31/2017
K.N. Liou C. Miller/R. Duren GIS-Based Methane Inventories for the South Coast Air Basin and the State of California $226,906 11/21/2016-12/31/2017
K.N. Liou J. Jiang Interactions between Different Aerosol and Cloud Types as Determined by CALIPSO/CloudSat and Atrain Satellite $326,572 05/31/2016-05/31/2018
K.N. Liou H. Su/D. Posselt Quantitative Sensitivity Aalysis for Dynamical Weather Syste OSSEs $35,231 02/01/2017-02/28/2018
K.N. Liou C. Miller Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis $460,986 04/01/2017-03/31/2020
K.N. Liou J. Teixeira Climate, Satellite Data and Applications $592,634 03/25/2015-09/30/2018
K.N. Liou C. Boening Modeling the Dynamic Evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet under Different Scenarios of Atmospheric Forcing, using ISSM $512,975 06/25/2014-09/30/2017
K.N. Liou C. Miller Arctic Energy Balance Database $106,427 07/13/2015-09/30/2018
K.N. Liou Willis Closing Global Freshwater and Energy Budgets $478,881 08/14/2015-09/30/2018
K.N. Liou K. Bowman Support of the TES OCS, TES/OMI, AIRS/OMI/MLS product characterization and climate model evaluation with TES instantaneous radiative kernels and fluxes  $519,848 02/25/2015-09/30/2018
K.N. Liou M. Lebsock Algorithm Development for CloudSat and OLYMPEX $329,516 09/08/2016-09/25/2018
K.N. Liou G. Stephens CloudSat and A-Train multi-sensor satellite observations to improve representation of aerosol effect on precipitation climate models  $152,345 06/28/2016-09/30/2018
K.N. Liou J. Jiang MISR/TERRA observations $134,074 11/01/2016-08/31/2018
K.N. Liou C. Boening Science System Engineering and Uncertainty Quantification for Sea Level Rise Predictions $85,955 10/06/2016-09/24/2017
K.N. Liou C. Miller Megacities Carbon Project CO2, CH4, and CO Network Data  $211,735 11/29/2016-10/31/2018
K.N. Liou H. Seroussi Improving sea level rise projections by coupling continental-scale ice and ocean models $67,858 10/07/2016-09/24/2018
K.N. Liou J. Reager Precipitation Measurement Mission for Improved Forcing in Hyper-Resolution Land Surface Models $66,387 07/01/2017-06/30/2018
K.N. Liou C. Boening Science System Engineering and Uncertainty Quantification for Sea Level Rise Prediction $83,075 10/06/2016-09/24/2017
K.N. Liou M. Lebsock Development of the OCO-Cloudset Cloud Algorithm $45,097 01/26/2018-01/25/19
K.N. Liou A. Colliander Development of Global Multi-Frequency Soil Moisture Retrieval Algorithm  $144,042 10/01/2017-09/30/2018
F. Schwandner J. Fisher TROVE ACD17 $154,169 03/01/2017-04/30/2018
F. Schwandner - Proposal Management for NAI-8 "Habitability of Hydrocarbon Worlds: Titan and Beyond" $10,000 05/29/2017-06/20/2017
F. Schwandner C. Miller OCO-2 Validation and Point Source Detection $312,272 01/06/2016-04/29/2018
F. Schwandner V. Realmuto Eruption Processes Expressed in the Composition of Volcanic Emissions $108,832 12/29/2016-09/30/2019
F. Schwandner V. Realmuto Mapping the Composition and Chemical Evolution of Plumes from Kilauea Volcano $40,384 12/17/2016-12/16/2018
J. Stutz T. Kurosu A Height-Resolved, Tropospheric Data Product of Bromine Monoxide from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on EOS/Aura $94,000 07/14/2014-12/31/2017
A. Takashi  G. Stephens CloudSat and A-Train Multi-Sensor Satellite Observations to Improve Representation of Aerosol Effect on Precipitation Climate Models


10/01/2017- 06/30/2018
X. Wang T. Lee Sensitivity of Tropical Pacific Ocean Heat Budget to Wind Forcing $102,421 12/18/2016-06/30/2018
X. Wang T. Lee Improving the Infrastructure for Regional Sea Level Studies and Related Mission Formulations by Including Time-Varying Cryospheric and Hydrological Forcings and Their Uncertainities  $120,083 10/01/2017-06/30/2018
H. Zhang D. Menemelis Assimilation of AltiKa data for global ocean circulation studies $217,432 08/10/2016-09/30/2018
H. Zhang D. Menemelis ECCO: Understanding Sea Level, Ice and Earth's Climate $632,691 10/01/2017-09/30/2020