A study by JIFRESSE Assistant Researcher Yun Lin featured in Science News

April 9, 2023


A recent publication in Geophysical Research Letters, "Soil Moisture Observations From Shortwave Infrared Channels Reveal Tornado Tracks: A Case in 10–11 December 2021 Tornado Outbreak", co-led by Dr. Yun Lin, an Assistant Researcher at JIFRESSE, is featured in a Science News press release today. The study highlights the capability of near-infrared observations from NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites to detect tornado tracks during winter by analyzing changes in soil moisture. The other JIFRESSE co-authors include Dr. Yu Gu (Associate Director of JIFRESSE), Dr. Rong Fu (Director of JIFRESSE), and JIFRESSE Postdoctoral Scholar Tianhao Zhang.

The news article can be found at this link: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/satellite-imagery-tornado-tracks.

A separate press release was issued at Press News Agency: https://pressnewsagency.org/satellite-images-reveal-hidden-tornado-tracks/