Dr. Bin Guan received the CA Dept of Water Resources Climate Science Service Award

December 5, 2018

Dr. Bin Guan received the award from Ms. Jeanine Jones, Interstate Resources Manager, California Department of Water Resources


At the public Winter Outlook Workshop hosted by DWR and the Water Education Foundation, JIFRESSE Associate Project Scientist Dr. Bin Guan received the CA Dept of Water Resources Climate Science Service Award for his foundational work related to atmospheric rivers, and in particular for leading the development of algorithms to detect Atmospheric Rivers that has enabled many studies of ARs.

Full story can be found at the DWR blog https://water.ca.gov/News/Blog/2018/Dec-18/Climate-Science-Award-2018?

Meeting info where award was presented: https://www.watereducation.org/foundation-event/water-year-2019-feast-or-famine