An article published in Nature Sustainability by JIFRESSE Researchers, Drs. Bin Zhao, Yu Gu, and K. N. Liou

May 4, 2020


An article has been recently published in Nature Sustainability by JIFRESSE research group in collaboration with a group in the School of Public Health. This study describes a pathway for California to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by 2050. Taken together, these actions would prevent about 14,000 premature deaths from air pollution–related illnesses each year, all while helping to reduce climate change, the researchers say. The JIFRESSE researchers Dr.Bin Zhao, Yu Gu, and K. N. Liou contributed state-of-the-art modeling to analyze how ambient air quality would change under a net-zero emissions scenario. Then, the researchers combined the model with epidemiological data and information to estimate the impact of cleaner air on public health.

The study is intend to help state and local policymakers visualize how taking bold action on climate change will directly benefit people, and was partially funded by the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, a university-wide initiative aimed at applying UCLA expertise and research to transform Los Angeles into the most sustainable megacity by 2050. 

This article was highlighted in the UCLA News: