2021 JSIP Best Presentation Award

September 15, 2021

We happily announce that based on the assessment and scores provided by the JSIP Committee members and mentors, Sophia Winter won the very first 2021 JSIP Best Presentation Award. The formal presentation of the award will occur in conjunction with a JIFRESSE event in the near future.

Sophia is a fourth year undergraduate at UCLA majoring in environmental science and minoring in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. She is from Chico, California and grew up swimming, hiking, and snow skiing in the Sierra Nevadas which sparked her interest in environmental science. She was the 2021 JSIP intern for Dr. Alexander Handwerger and Dr. Eric Fielding for a project which identified and monitored landslides along the coastline of Big Sur, California.

Here is Sohia's response upon receiving the award:

"The JSIP program solidified my interest in research which I will look to pursue post-grad. Whether I investigate landslide mechanics, glacial retreat, or earthquake hazard monitoring, a career in earth science, with the skills that JSIP has provided me, will help me lead a fulfilling and engaging life after college. I want to thank the JIFRESSE team, my advisors, and everyone else who makes this summer program possible. This research project was an unbelievably rewarding experience." 


UCLA Undergraduate Research Center (URC) – Sciences have also done a spotlight for Sophia on their website and social media:

URC-Sciences website: http://sciences.ugresearch.ucla.edu/2021/09/21/sophia-winter/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uclaurcsciences/posts/4249500175146909
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUFtTLQhMqw/