2019 JIFRESSE Summer Volunteer Program (JSVP)

Monday, September 16, 2019
Program Duration: June 24 – August 16, 2019
Program Location: JIFRESSE


Left to right: Haohai Li, Anna Yu, Jonathan Qi


Program Objective:  Advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, training, and learning. Provide high school or undergraduate students an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research under the guidance of experienced mentors at UCLA/JIFRESSE, and help with the training of students to attract them to STEM fields. Broaden dissemination to enhance scientific and technological understanding.


In the summer of 2019, three high school students have been selected for their outstanding academic performance and passion for science and engineering. They were supervised by Dr. Jonathan Jiang (JPL) & Dr. Yu Gu (UCLA).

  • Haohai Li, Ravenscroft School 
  • Anna Yu, Mira Costa High School 
  • Jonathan Qi, Mira Costa High School 


What Did the High School Students Do?

The high school students did a wonderful job in evaluating cloud and water vapor fields simulated from various climate models that participate in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) under the auspices of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) using satellite observations.

During the program, the students gave several project updates and a final presentation. In the final project report, each high school summer intern gave a talk for about 10 minutes to showcase what they have completed during the 8 weeks and summarize their research activities and findings. The program was successfully completed on August 16, 2019, with written report submitted by each of the high school summer interns.


Some Scientific Results produced by the High School Students:


Figure 1: Normalized multiyear (2007-2010) zonal mean of distribution of ice water content (IWC). Left: BCC-ESM1 simulation. Right: A-Train observation (by Haohai Li)


Jonathan Results


Figure 2. Left and Middle: Multiyear (2010-2014) mean 150 hPa and zonal mean distribution of IWC from UKMO simulations; Right: Vertical profile of IWC from ISPL, UKMO, and BCC models (by Jonathan Qi)


Anna Results

Figure 3: Seasonal variations of IWC at 300 hPa from A-Train satellite observations (by Anna Yu).