UCLA Faculty & Researchers

Name (last,first) Title Department Phone # Email
Andreadis, Konstantinos Associate Project Scientist JIFRESSE   kandread@umass.edu
Asharaf, Shakeel Assistant Project Scientist JIFRESSE   sasharaf@ucla.edu
Brix, Holger Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE 310.825.4526 hbrix@ucla.edu
Chao, Yi Adjunct Professor AOS 818.354.8168 ychao@jifresse.ucla.edu
Chinita Candeias, Maria Joao Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A mariachinita@ucla.edu
Colosimo, S. Fedele Assistant Researcher AOS N/A Fedele@atmos.ucla.edu
Dhir, Vijay Professor MAE 310.825.8507 vdhir@seas.ucla.edu
Fenni, Ines Assistant Researcher     ines.fenni@jpl.nasa.gov
Fovell, Robert Professor Emeritus AOS N/A N/A
Frederikse, Thomas Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE NA tfrederikse@ucla.edu
Fu, Rong Director; Professor AOS


Gu, Yu Associate Director of Operations; Adjunct Professor JIFRESSE 310.206.0377 gu@atmos.ucla.edu
Guan, Bin Project Scientist JIFRESSE N/A Bin.Guan@jpl.nasa.gov
Hall, Alex Professor AOS  N/A alexhall@atmos.ucla.edu
Handwerger, Alex Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A alhandwerger@g.ucla.edu
Jiang, Xianan Researcher JIFRESSE 818.354.4082 xianan@jifresse.ucla.edu
Jin, Xin Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A xjin@ucla.edu
Kim, Jinwon Researcher JIFRESSE 310.206.2828 jkim@atmos.ucla.edu
Kok, Jasper Associate Professor AOS N/A jfkok@ucla.edu
Kubar, Terence Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A tkubar@ucla.edu
Li, Qinbin Professor, AOS JIFRESSE 310.206.2710 qli@atmos.ucla.edu
Luo, Yingdi Project Scientist JIFRESSE N/A luoyd@ucla.edu
Margulis, Steven A. Professor CEE 310.267.5490 margulis@seas.ucla.edu
McDonald, Kyle Project Scientist JIFRESSE N/A kylemcdonald@jifresse.ucla.edu
McWilliams, James Distinguished Professor AOS  310.206.2829 jcm@atmos.ucla.edu
Mechoso, C. Roberto Professor, AOS JIFRESSE 310.825.3057 mechoso@atmos.ucla.edu
Painter, Thomas Project Scientist JIFRESSE N/A  
Peccei, Roberto Professor, Physics JIFRESSE 310.825.7943 peccei@physics.ucla.edu
Qu, Tangdong Researcher JIFRESSE N/A tangdong@ucla.edu
Saide, Pablo Assistant Professor AOS 310.825.4432 saide@atmos.ucla.edu
Storer, Rachel Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A rlstorer@ucla.edu
Stutz, Jochen Professor AOS  310.825.5364 jochen@atmos.ucla.edu
Takano, Yoshihide Recall: Project Scientist JIFRESSE 310.825.9180 ytakano@atmos.ucla.edu
Takahashi, Hanii Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A Hanii.Takahashi@jpl.nasa.gov
Wang, Shuhui Associate Project Scientist JIFRESSE N/A shw@gps.caltech.edu
Wang, Xiaochun Project Scientist JIFRESSE 818.393.7231 xcwang@jifresse.ucla.edu
Xue, Yongkang Professor Geography and AOS 310.825.1122 yxue@geog.ucla.edu
Xu, Liang Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE N/A xuliang@ucla.edu
Yeh, William Distinguished Professor, CEE JIFRESSE 310.825.2300 williamy@seas.ucla.edu
Yi, Yonghong Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE   yiyh@ucla.edu
Zeng, Zhao-Cheng Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE 626.491.6191


Zhang, Carrie Programmer Analyst JIFRESSE 310.206.1941 Carrie.Zhang@jpl.nasa.gov
Zhang, Kate Assistant Project Scientist JIFRESSE N/A KQZhang@ucla.edu


Visiting Researchers

Name (last, first) Title Department Home Institution (Non-UCLA)
Bloom, Anthony Visiting Project Scientist JIFRESSE Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, USA
Brodrick, Philip Visiting Assistant Researcher JIFRESSE Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, USA